Tecna of Winx Club Wallpapers

A collection of Wallpapers that I have! (Please click the pictures for a bigger view!) ( To save,Right click and “save as” or “save target as”)

Tecna of Winx Club

Big time Credits:

(Please let me know if i missed out on crediting you.)

To download the whole collection of the above wallpapers,please

click here

Pictures from winxclub.com

Miscellaneous pictures of Tecna

Click here to download

For more Winx Club Goodies:

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One Response

  1. Nice! Tecna is one of our faves. Have you been watching season four?
    It has been different. It launched well with cool characters, but then faltered. They seem to have got their footing back though so prospects for the second half are good.

    Here is my take on it with a little humor and LOTS o’ pics of you are interested.


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