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Helloooo world! Okay,firstly let me introduce myself to the vast world of technology and blogging! I’m Cleo and am still a newbie in blogging but have been given loads of guidance and ‘how-to-do’ tips by my good good friend Arrica (do check her blog out.She a little naive but a great person to be with.)

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Me in my new hairstyle! Mind you,I’m was a long babe hair before this. (and yes,I’m a girl – not a guy)

I’m currently still in highschool studying in the science region and yes! I DO have ups and downs of a normal teen girl but I’m still not your average girly girl type.I wrestle with boys (but I end up losing most of the time :X) kick their @ss (lol XD) and show them who’s boss.No, I don’t bully but rather the way I treat them is like how a guy treats a guy.

Right having said that, I would also like to express my love for the environment and animals.I have 2 chinese sharpei dog(what breed is that you ask? go google ;),it’s quite a rare species so don’t worry about not knowing it) and I love them dearly.Their excess skin are just so … fun!I also consider myself to be a stereotype of person somtimes. I sometimes isolate myself and shy to speak when I’m in a new environment. It is hard to explain this situation but I’ll tell you that I also find it difficult to speak to instructors/teacher of a class.It is that hard for me.(well,sometimes)

Beauty and brownie

BrownieThese are my two ‘beauties’ ❤ (click for a bigger view.)

Okay now to my ‘I-like-to-do’ region. I like martial arts and I’ve tried only kendo so far and I would love to try Jiujitsu and some other couple of martial art next time. I also love doing art and craft,stuff like glass deco,sewing,knitting and some couple of other neat stuff.I also adore collecting action figures/models/dolls.Oh and I pretty much love photography too! Especially flowers. I also have a knack for science and am starting to love numbers.(thanks to my tuition teacher) (And no, I’m not a nerd.) I love to read – especially when waiting for the bus. It fills my time. I love Carolyn Keene’s book – Nancy Drew. AND I LOVE the HORRIBLE SERIES!! Horrible Science & Horrible History! ❤ hearts them!

Books!My obsessions! I’m so glad I found my love for books back. *hugs*

I’m also very aware of my health (I’m known as a health freak in my class XD and no,it’s not a good thing because it’s sometimes embarassing – really) and I do have a health journal before this blog and Asclepius is it’s name. I’m trying to get it into the health and fitness tab in this blog (that’s if I can though…) so everyone can read about it 😉

okay,I found out that I can’t do it. 😦

The reason why I’m so health concious is just because I am so obsessed with how much I weight and look. Right now, I have this flab that I wouldn’t mind trading with nice defined abs so,I am now trying to work on it and squeeze my time with school works,exams and stuff. arrgh…! It’s just sometimes so hard to keep up with it! Not to mention my gym actually sucks.

Right,I think that’s just about enough on myself and I hope you enjoy your stay in my blog!


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  1. I am a Nancy Drew fan too! I read the whole series when i was younger, but the new paperback series, i haven’t started.

    i swear it a different writer using her pen name! because of the way the stories go.

    a few chapters of my novel is posted on


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