Your new Science lab – in the computer

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Pretty soon, I think we’re going to have teachers teaching via the computer and giving lessons and lectures through it. You see, I’m a science student and since my school (just to let you know I’m living around the asia region and that not all high schools are given opportunity to students to perform experiments) does not conduct experiments very much,especially chemistry, I’ve no choice but to seek the net.

Boy, did it came helpful. I found a site,still in construction though, that offers quite a number of lessons that most people will find helpful. All the experiments are interactive and here’re some of the lessons you’ll see in the site.
The chapter below are from chemistry:

  • Stoichiometry
  • Gasses
  • Liquid,solutions and phase equilibria
  • and more…

Each chapter includes subtopics and detailed informations and experiments as well.

Although this site targets undergraduate Science Curricula,this site is also suitable for advanced high school students and those who are interested to study alone. It is also suitable for teachers to help aid students who have hard time visualizing.

Courses are made by experts from different universities.

Have fun!

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