Micheal Jackson dies

Golly! This is really shocking…! I can’t believe he died like that at quite a young age.I’m not a big fan of him or any sort but I would like to say my condolence to him and his families.

As we’ve already known,he died from a heart attack and I’m pretty suprised why he died from it. He doesn’t seem like he is out of shape or any sort unless maybe he inherited that disease.

Apparently,the from what I’ve read through the net,it seems like he was given CPR at his home but failed and the doctors sent him to the hospital in the state of coma.Sadly, he didn’t survive the heart attack and passed away yesterday (25/6/2009) at 5:20p.m.


One Response

  1. It only goes to show that everything can change in a new york minute. You will be missed Michael.

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