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Talcum powder?*shake**shake* I just read the recent CAP (consumer Association of Penang) and these ‘so-called-unharmful’ talcum powder is now posing a treat to whoever who is using it. This is especially to womans who uses it most of the time and also to those who is using them for their infants and babies. The primary component in talcum powder is silicate hydroxide (widely known as Talc).

Talc is toxic as it’s particles can cause tumours in ovaries and lungs.These particles are able to move up the human reproductive system and

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Ovarian Cancer.

overtime,it will be embedded inside the lining of the uterus.A research has been done and talc particles are said to be found in ovarian tumours and these subjects with ovarian cancer have said to be using more talcum powder in their genital than normal healthy woman does.

Latest findings from the United state suggests that woman who uses talcum powder are 40% more likely to get ovarian cancer. Experts from Harvard Medical School in Boston has studied that more than 3000 woman were found using talcum powder and this raises the risk of ovarian cancer by 36%, rising to 41% for those using it daily

Ovarian cancer is a ‘silent-killer’ because of it’s non-specific symptoms which results in diagnostic delay that would contribute to poor prognosis. Those suffering from ovarian cancer would not be aware that they have this illness as it can only be detected at usually the final stage. Some of the symptoms of ovarian cancer includes:

  • abdominal pain or discomfort
  • bloating
  • back pain
  • urinary urgency
  • constipation
  • Unvoluntarily weight lost

and a range of other non-specific symptoms.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTalc is also hazardous to the health when exposed to lungs.Talc miners have shown higher rates of lung cancer and other respiratory ailments due to exposure to industrial grade talc which contains asbestos and and silica.

Talcum powder poses a major health treat as it’s particles are easily spread airborne and would work their way to the respiratory system. The puffy white clouds of the powder would end up somwhere once airborne and  most of the time inhaled by babies or infants or those who is shaking the bottle.During diaper changing session,the inhalation of powder has led to  many injuries and even death of babies. Talc particles would disturb the airways of the baby,causing it to swell and is can also cause pneunomia. Asthmatic problems in children has also been linked with the using of talcum powder.

Statistic have shown that  several thousand  infants died each year due to the inhalation of talc.Talc is usually used on babies because it absorbs the unpleasant smell and moisture from the babies.Dusting infants with talc would also  risk in having them inhaling the talc powder.Children shoudn’t be exposed to these carcinogenic substance as it is unnecassary and dangerous.

What should be done to discontinue the usage of talc powder:

  • Place a warning on product containing talc
  • Stop the marketing of baby powder as it poses treats to babies

What are the other things that can be used to substitute talc powder:

  • Use powder which is made from corn flour or rice flour.
  • Mothers are advised to use ointments or other medicated cream instead of medicated powders to aid baby rashes.

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