Baby aborted and eaten afterwards. [Revealed]

How true is this?

As a matter of fact,I really don’t know how true this is but you can make a choice of your own. Anyway,I choose to believe this I’ve been googling around researching and found some great information regarding this particular topic.

some said it’s a fraud with their points to support their views and some said it’s not. Below are some websites that I found most helpful if you want to know that is.

websites  stating that it’s real:

Some very interesting excerpt from the forum

“It’s very nourishing, drink while it’s hot.”

To avoid legal entanglement, they don’t call it “eating babies”. They call it as “eating ribs”.

“But you can’t eat too much of this, or you’ll get fat.”

Website stating it’s not:

For the sake of art:

Gruesome discovery in China. Aborted baby as herbal soup.

The last attachment is the original article in Chinese, with a few pictures.
Brief translation: Shocking news circulated in China .

A town in Canton is now on trend taking baby herbal soup to increase health and sexual
performance/stamina. The cost in China currency = approx $4000. A factory manager
was interviewed and he testified that it is effective because he is a frequent customer.
It is a delicacy whereby expensive herbs are added to boil the baby with chicken meat
for 8 hours boiling/steaming.

He pointed to his second wife next to him, who is 19 (he is 62), and testified that they
have sex everyday. After waiting for a couple of weeks, he took this reporter to the
restaurant when he was informed by restaurant Manager that the spare rib soup
(local code for baby soup) was now available.

This time, it was a couple who have 2 daughters and this 3rd one was confirmed to be
a daughter again. So the couple aborted the baby which was 5 months old. Those babies
close to be born and die naturally costs 2000 in China currency. Those aborted ones cost
a few hundreds in China Currency. Those couples who did not want to sell dead babies,
placentas can be accepted also for couple of hundreds.

The reporter making comment that is this the problem arise from Chinese being taking
too much attention in health or is the backfire when China introduced one child in a
family policy (since majority prefers to have male babies and those poorer families
need ended up selling their female babies.)

Disturbing images below and pregnant woman are strongly NOT advised to view the pictures below.

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  1. Thanks for setting aside the effort to have a discussion about baby care as well as children’s issues.

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