help help help‏ (hoax)

The Story:
A baby needs help.By circulating this mail you will help him/her get money.


The original email sent:

(There were more pictures in the mail but it was not uploaded.)

Only forward this no money needed……….

Please help this girl (she is only 4 1/2 months) and she is very sick
and by forwarding this email to all your contacts, you will help her
by contributing 10 cents for her operation.

The Truth:

To all you good samaritans out there,this might be another email that you shouldn’t sent. Apparently when you send this mail out, the 10 cents will “magically” appear??? Firstly, in this mail,it didn’t state what kind of sickness he/she has and whom will the money be donated to. Any donation organization will surely have all these vital information but in this email,it didn’t state any.

With all the sympathy feelings they shower in the mail, it is no surprise that many will send this email out thinking that they are doing some good. Please stop sending and circulating this mail. BREAK THE CHAIN! It will lessen spams in people’s inbox.

For more please visit hoax-slayer.

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