Confirmation Email Serial N. DI222-510‏ (Fraud/Hoax/Scam)

Recently I’ve been receiving LOADS and LOADS of sweepstake programme. This is getting really annoying as the message,interpreted is always the same Same SAME!

I once,almost fall into this scam  thinking that I am such a lucky person to have won such an amount of money but fortunately i went to my trustable search engine,google and found out that all of these are fake!

The Story:

This is your lucky day! You got picked for a lottery and the prize is awaiting you and you need to fill in your name and telephone number.(somtimes also your address)



The original email sent:

Confirmation Email Serial N. DI222-510
Contact Person: Eddy Anderson
Tel: +32-485995113
Reference Nr.UN11000, Batch N. A1000, Serial N. DI222-510
Ticket N.7710AA, lucky N.,
you have won One Milllion in the Euromillion online sweepstakss program corporations, held 5th of April 2009.In Bruxelles Belgium.

This email was sent to notify you officially about the award and to advise you to contact the processing office immediately for claim
Reply to
Your Full Name & Telephone Number
Note: all winning must be claim not later than 30 working days
Rose Mann

Promo Coordinator


you have won Euro1,000, euromillions Email Sweepstakes Program held on
the 8th of May in Belgium contact Mr Nicolas Peter for claim.
Tell:+32-492-257-763 reply to this
Winning Information’s:
(1)Reference No:XKHL-37-14-29-13 (2) Batch No: GDFS-25-30-29-3-26 (3) Award
No: PMSQ021542311 (4) Ticket No: 11-48-19-15-14 (5) Lucky No:4-19-26-27-30-3-8
Please note that the validity period of the winning is 30 working days;
hence you are expected to make your claims immediately. Any claim not made
before this date will be CANCELLED.
Mrs. Karen M Hendrick.
Promotions Coordinator

The Truth:

First of all,you know you didn’t take part in the draw of the lottery with that number and suddenly someone emailed you and said that you’ve won? You know that you can’t win a lottery without a ticket.

Usually these scammers are from Nigeria but they never tell you earlier in the email,then they’ll later require you to pay their ‘so-called-taxes’ or you have to cash in some money first because that is what separates-you-from-your-big-winnings. In the end,you’ll end up maybe paying and not getting your prize materialized or just end up paying more than the amount of prize you’re getting.

Don’t be fooled. Just ignore the email and delete it. Please visit Consumer Fraud Reporting: sweepstake fraud for more info on this issue and also how to detect a sweepstake scam and prevent yourself from being a possible victim

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