Dr. Black Jack (Hot Toys 1/6 scale)


Black Jack Model insights (please click pictures for a bigger view)

Okay first I would like to say that this model is suuupeer HAWT! I love it to bits! It cost me a bomb (RM400) though and it’s my few months of saving and I finally have the ‘only-1000-pieces-made-worldwide’ model. *hugs even more* I got it from e-bay and I think everything is purr-fect except that one side of the blazer’s lining is torn. I was pretty mad with it. Anyway,let’s go on to what it has.


It comes with……

* 3 Scalpel

* A pair of Surgical Scissors (uber cute! <3)

* A syringe

* A board like thing to place all the stuff.


* A leather bag with pockets complete with brass buckles

Leather bag

* A playing card

* A smoking pipe

Smoking pipe,card

* A pair of exchangeable hands


* An extra black coat coat

Black Jack

It’s the one that he’s wearing now.The long coat.

The really neat little details it has that I REALLY LOVE!

* The cuff’s button,which are really cute and also the back pants pocket and the breast pocket they have.

Cuff's buttons

Back pants pocket

Breast Pocket

* Oh and not to mention their small details on the syringe. It looks almost like a real on except that it cannot ‘squirt’ water out and that the needle is a flimsy plastic like thing that comes off easily. And if you don’t handle the ‘needle’ with care,it might just break.


It also has many joints and movement and you can make loads of poses with it but to make it stand on it’s own might be a little tricky but overall it’s pretty good. The head that has been hand sculpt looks like the one in the show but the only thing is that at some angle it looks as though it’s eyes are ‘crossed’,and that’s the only thing I do not like about it. It has all together 4 tops on(just like the show) and here I’ve taken pictures of all different tops revealed underneath the coat and jacket.

BJ wearing blazer


BJ in Shirt
The ribbon’s too long!

Overall,I think it’s a pretty good buy although it really costs alot.


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