Chinaman Spongebob

This is really cool. It’s another version of spongebob made by some people and it’s really nice. Go on, click it. I know you want to =)

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Your new Science lab – in the computer

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Pretty soon, I think we’re going to have teachers teaching via the computer and giving lessons and lectures through it. You see, I’m a science student and since my school (just to let you know I’m living around the asia region and that not all high schools are given opportunity to students to perform experiments) does not conduct experiments very much,especially chemistry, I’ve no choice but to seek the net.

Boy, did it came helpful. I found a site,still in construction though, that offers quite a number of lessons that most people will find helpful. All the experiments are interactive and here’re some of the lessons you’ll see in the site.
The chapter below are from chemistry:

  • Stoichiometry
  • Gasses
  • Liquid,solutions and phase equilibria
  • and more…

Each chapter includes subtopics and detailed informations and experiments as well.

Although this site targets undergraduate Science Curricula,this site is also suitable for advanced high school students and those who are interested to study alone. It is also suitable for teachers to help aid students who have hard time visualizing.

Courses are made by experts from different universities.

Have fun!

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Cute animal’s expression! 2

More cute animals that mimic the likeness of human expression.

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When mother nature gone wild

This is what happens when mother nature has gone wild. Things don’t look very pretty here.

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Scientist created a man-bear-pig (Chimera)

While on kratom, scientists at Linden Labs in San Francisco, California have successfully created a human-bear-pig chimera. Somatic cells from human and bear tissue were first transfected with a bacterial chromosome containing the Nanog gene and a GFP-IRES-puromycin resistance gene cassette. After a puromyocin screen was performed, the remaining cells were treated with a retroviral induction of Oct3/4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-myc, thus creating induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS). Induced pluripotent stem cells were used because of the ethical concern surrounding embryonic stem cells. The cells were then injected into pig blastocysts and introduced into the uteri of pseudo-pregnant pigs. The discovery was published today in the advance online edition of Nature Gold.

“This is quite an accomplishment for which I have great confidence will lead to continued advances in human-animal chimera production,” says Dr. Eli Vance, chief science officer of Linden Labs.

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Cute animal’s expression!

These are sooo cute!

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Homemade sugar wax

I know,to all ‘wax-ers’, you’ve probably heard of this homemade recipe before but maybe never dared to try it because you’ve no idea whether or not it actually works. I may not be a professional but I know that this  solution is definitely save and most probably the ingredients are non-allergic to most of the people out there.

There are two types of wax – the sugar wax and the wax,wax type.

Many would prefer the sugar wax as washing off is a clinch whereas waxing would be quite cumbersome because if the wax is too hot,it can’t be applied and when it’s too cold,it gets hard.Moreover,getting the remaining wax off would be hard because you’ll have to pick it out one by one.

I’ve personally use this recipe for my usual wax and it works great. I’m not sure for you but as for me,this is cheap and safe because I know what is used. Furthermore, I do not need to make a trip to the waxing salon and spend bucks there.

Here’s few easy steps for you to make your own:

you’ll need:

  • 2 cups sugar
  • ¼ cup lemon juice
  • ¼ cup water

What to do?

  1. Take a saucepan and add all ingredients listed into it.
  2. Constantly stir the mixture as it is easily burned when leave alone. DO NOT go away.Stir until there are no more sugar granules.
  3. Leave to cool and get ready to apply!

How to apply?

  1. Get preferably a cotton cloth,any old cotton bedsheet or muslin cloth.All would work  fine.Cut into strips.
  2. spread the wax onto the area where you want to wax then press the cloth firmly onto your skin.  (I personally prefer this method as it pulls out more)
    Spread the wax onto the strip and then apply it onto the area you want to wax
  3. Pull and curse!(optional)


  • The waxing part is usually done in the bathroom as it’s quite messy.
  • Make a batch of these mixture and then store them in a jar/container.You can put them in the fridge or just leave it out like that.
  • If you store them in the fridge,it can be easily reheated and reused.

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